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    Eco Friendly Cups can provide either a purchase or rental option for your event.

    Purchase of cups is for cups that are specifically designed and manufactured for your event. We manufacture the cups needed and cups are owned by the event. Rental cup option is where we would rent blank cups for a specific event.


  • How We Work



    We deliver cups to your venue in our reusable tote crates. Quantity is logged in the bar till.



    Patron purchases their first drink and an additional deposit charge for the cup is added on. The deposit charge is at the venue discretion, would be in region of €1 to €3.

    When patron is finished their drink they return their cup to the bar, order an additional drink. The dirty cup is put in the tote collection crates and the deposit money is transferred to the new cup for second drink. At the end the patron may decide to redeem their deposit , so return to the bar or cup collection point, return their cup and redeem their deposit or they may decide to forfeit their deposit and take their cup home in which case their original deposit money sits in the till and is now part of the bar takings.


    Post Event

    Once event is over, EcoFriendly Cups team return to the venue to collect the cups for washing, drying. A count is tallied of both purchased and rented cups. Purchased cups will only have a wash & dry charge, whereas rented cups will have in addition to the wash and dry charge they will have a charge for cups we call “missing cups” – these are rented blank cups that have not been returned so will incur a replacement charge also. Cups are washed and dried in our unit and can be stored by us or stored at your venue for future events.


    Advantages - Patron

    The Patron gets to drink from a sturdier cup, easy to hold and enjoy their drink from. The deposit charge is exactly that – just a deposit – can be redeemed anytime the patron wants once they return a reusable cup. They also have a take home souvenir for a very small fee and something they can use at home daily. Many festival goers “collect” their reusable cups and take pride in revealing their collection over the years.


    Advantages - Venue

    The venue itself is clean as there are no discarded cups on the walkways, so makes it a more pleasant experience for the patron.  There is then from this a follow on for the venue itself in that it has reduced waste disposal costs and reduced cleaning costs as venues can now be cleaned so much quicker.

  • Cup Features

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    Product Range

    • Pint
    • Half Pint
    • Champagne
    • Shot
    • Gin
    • 2 Pint Pintim
    • Wine
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    Print Type

    • IML – In Mould Labelleling - this is a cup where the label logo is injected into the cup as its being made. It allows for transparency shades, unlimited colours and photo quality.
    • Digital Printing – This is a digital print on the cup – full colour digital printing on the entire surface of the cup.
    • Screen Printing – For text and logos up to 6 colours.
    • We can offer complete design package for your cup or we can supply templates for your own designers.
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    Wash Unit

    Our purpose built wash station is just that - it has been designed to wash & dry our cups. We have current capacity to wash and dry 25K cups a day. Our industrial cup washing machine, operates on 4 stages. There is a prewash at 60o C, wash at 62o, rinse at 90o and drying at 85o. The machine itself is cleaned after every cycle with specialised sanitizer supplied by EcoLab.

    Each cup is inspected after wash & dry to ensure they are 100% reusable before being stored.