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    14% of all litter comes from beverage containers

    Plastic is killing more than 1.1 million seabirds and animals every year. Up to 700 species of marine life are facing extinction due to increase of plastic pollution. Be part of the solution – Lets eliminate plastic – play your small part that can have huge positive consequences for us and our plant. “We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors but borrowed it from our children”.


  • Eco Friendly Cups For All Events

    EcoFriendly Cups are an Irish based environmentally friendly company that supplies reusable cups for all events, from stadiums, festivals, bars, theatres , sports venues, to product launches, weddings and any gathering or event in between.

    We provide the full service from design, manufacture, event logistics to the collection, wash & dry of the cups and storage for future events. We can cover large venues to intimate gatherings and put together a package to suit your needs and budget. Our purpose built wash & dry facility is the only one in Ireland and has the capacity to wash & dry approx. 3000 pint size cups per hour.


    EcoFriendly Cups are the only Irish based company providing the complete package of design, manufacture, wash & dry, event logistics and storage. We are passionate about this concept and the savings we can make for the environment and for consumers. We have developed this business from our environmental interests and have devised the idea of providing each stage in-house to reduce our carbon foot print even more. The one stop shop offers huge savings for the environment and as a consequence to you the consumer.

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